Our future on this shared planet depends fundamentally on the next generation’s ability to cooperate across cultural boundaries and use Earth’s resources responsibly. Our focus is thus to gain a timely understanding of the environmental impact of our individual and collective actions and to dismantle cultural bias and prejudice.

The goal of the foundation is education and outreach with the aim of strengthening environmental and intercultural awareness.

The foundation’s goals are to be achieved specifically through:

  • Granting scholarships with a special focus on empowering girls and women,
  • Promoting projects on the environment in schools and universities, including competitions and school prizes,
  • Supporting school partnerships and other forms of intercultural exchange in cooperation with schools and universities,
  • Advisory services for institutes of learning.

Funds are to be allocated on the basis of the following general criteria:
  • Effective and sustainable impact,
  • Inspirational quality with everyday applicability
  • Short to mid-term viability
  • Integration of environmental and cultural aspects
  • Innovative character
  • Inclusion of participatory elements, dialogue and cooperation
  • Promotion of voluntary and pro-bono work
  • Gender equality
  • Support for socially marginalized groups

Applications for funding can be submitted by:
  • Schools and universities
  • Community groups and projects,
  • Associations with a nonprofit mandate and foundations,
  • Pupils and students

The specific funding criteria for prizes, competitions, project support and scholarships are to be determined and announced separately by the board.