Student exchange project Bali / Brunsbüttel completed

The student exchange between the Gymnasium Brunsbüttel and the Juniorhighschool Harapan Harapan in Bali in April and August is completed. Here are some experiences of the students

From exchange students from Bali

In my guestfamily the mother taught me about how german people spread up their waste in different types and in different colored dustbins. When I saw that, I realized that if we were able to recycling it, we don’t need any field for throw it away. For me, AWD (Abfallwirtschaft Dithmarschen) was the most important activity that gives me an idea how we can recycle our construction material waste. This program was totally changing my mindset and awareness about environment.

For me, the most important experience was being together with German friends wether in Bali or in Germany. Where we had the opportunity to share our culture to eachother. And then, being in Germany to visit or to explore some memorable places especially a unique ecosystem in wattenmeer, was a very important experience too.

For me, the most important one was at Aladin. it was so great to learn about what do the german do with their rubbish and also to learn about their awareness to recycle their own trash. how they really care about their rubbish and want to take care of the environment. it really helps me to realize that i should start everything from myself first.

I got an open insight about Germany ... for example the history: what I learned before was only about Berlin wall, but when I visited Germany, especially In Genzdokumentationsstätte Lübeck-Schlutup, I saw firsthand the marks of "the separation of West and East Germany clearly and there were still objects" such as relics (army clothes, wire "guards, wall rubble, cars, etc.)

I would say, the most important experience was the Stone Age Park. Because we also don’t really know about the old era before we have been born. And Stone Age Park teach us a lot of old life and we did many activities there. Stone Age Park told us how to live more simple and use the nature things to make bread and fire. It was a good educational place for us. the most important experience is, that I can visit places that I never imagined and all the places I visited were amazing and increased my knowledge and especially in Bremerhaven I could feel the difference in climate, weather, flora and fauna on several continents.

I think the most important experience was in Aladin because we can see what the German people do with the waste, especially the bio waste. So from all the activities we have especially in Aladin we have more awareness about the problem that really happen nowadays around us.

The teachers

The most important aspect for us was to see how a group of students from very different countries and cultures came together and gradually became a community. They began to think about our world´s challenges in the future, when showing each other their unique cultural and environmental features. Nevertheless, all the students respected each other. Whenever anybody was weak or tired, the group could handle it. Also it was a great experience to see how the students here and in Bali were hosted by the families. Each family cared about the students so warmly and wonderfully that all students were very happy, but also very sad when they had to say goodbye to each other.

By a teacher from Bali

I was so grateful to be involved in the students and teachers exchange. This is such a great way to share culture and environmental issue. I do believe, this exchange will really change more people's life in the future because the experience will not only stay in our memories but be a big step for a better future.

Big reception in Bali

Visit to a chemical factory in Dithmarschen

Visit of the waste management in Dithmarschen

Delivery of certificates via exchange

Handing over of the microscopes sponsored by the foundation for the school in Bali

Garbage collection on the beach

All in traditional clothing